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Holiday Discounts and Stocking Stuffers

It’s that crazy time of the year again. Many of us are scrambling for gifts for loved ones, acquaintances, and generally getting ready for the holidays and some much-needed vacation time.

Now is a great time to get yourself one of Cel-Lab’s great products (which comes with top-notch, VIP-style customer service).

Here are five great products.

1. First, try some Cel-Lab Slim Cellulite Cream. Get a jar for yourself or give a few as a gift. We offer discounts for orders of a few at a time (see the product page). A jar of cellulite cream makes a great Secret Santa gift and a great Stocking Stuffer.

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The cream uses all natural ingredients and is easy to apply. Learn more about Bestselling Cellulite Cream.

Cel-Lab has gotten such a great response from customers that we’ve added a few other products to our catalog. That brings us to number two.

2. Another great CyberMonday deal is our Fitness Tracker and Calorie Counter Clip. This one makes a Top CalorieCounter-ActivityTracker-FitnessClipNotch Stocking Stuffer. It’s small and a cool product, great for kids. It’s much cheaper than a fitbit and every bit as useful. It accurately tracks steps, counts calories burned, and measures distance covered. All of this is done without imputing your information for Big Brother to spy. Learn more on the product page.

3. If you like kitchen products, we recommend our Master Culinary Herb Scissors for the sturdiest Herb Scissors on the market. This is another great stocking stuffer. It’s great for adding aromatic, fresh herbs easily into your cooking and they are also useful as a paper shredder and arts and crafts enhancer. Learn more on the product page.


This takes us to number four, which you can bundle with #3 for an additional 25% off.

4. The Copper Compression Knee Sleeve

This is a flexible knee brace that breathes and moves with your body yet has coppercompressionsleevehighlights2reinforcement to hold your knee in place. It’s great for injury prevention and injury recovery. You can play basketball, tennis, golf, yoga, running, etc…, without fear of injury.

And finally, the mother of all products and bundles:

5. Thanks to the enormous success of the Master Culinary Herb Scissors and other brand’s Herb Stripper we decided to pass the savings on to our customers by bundling them into The Master Culinary Herb Stripper and Herb Scissors Kit with Cleaning Brush. Rather than buying two products, save yourself a bundle with this bundle and get the stripper, five-blade scissors, and long-finger cleaning brush all in one handsome box.


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Stretching | Take advantage of your accelerated heartbeat by stretching

Doesn’t everyone want to burn fat while sitting around?

I’m going to be forty years old this October and now when I work out hard I pay for it two days later in extreme stiffness. Sometimes I tweak muscles. I’ve always pulled muscles easily. In the past I like creatine but have discontinued its use because it certainly makes my body more likely to pull a muscle. The same goes for most workout enhancers like NO Explode and that type of product. They

Stretch after short, intense workouts and let your body recover while burning fat
Stretch after short, intense workouts and let your body recover while burning fat

work wonders, especially in conjunction with slimming creams, but the risk of injury with those energy drinks increases. As I get older that’s no longer a risk I am willing to take. Instead, I’m a big fan of intense short workouts that I can repeat often followed by stretching. I find the stretching to be the real bonus because you can burn fat and cellulite while protecting yourself. That’s killing to big birds right there. In fact, that’s hitting the trifecta: cellulite, fat, and protection. I try to really stretch to make sure I minimize the impending tendinitis. Check out some of the exercises that are great.

Elliptical Machine – 30 Min (5 min cool down after) and 10 minutes of stretching.

Spin – 30 Min (5 min cool down after) and 10 minutes of stretching.

Rowing Machine – 30 Min (5 min cool down after) and 10 minutes of stretching.

While I’m stretching I’m sweating like crazy and this is when my body is really in a great zone. I’m warm and able to stretch deeply and push my limits, while I’m burning fat, and preserving my body so that I’ll be able to workout again in a day or two and keep the cycle going.

See other Suggested Workouts

Cel-Lab Gets Another 5-Star Review!

5.0 out of 5 starsFirst pink colored Cellulite cream that has a lovely flowery fragrance 🙂 By NatoshaM TOP 1000 REVIEWER on January 30, 2015

Check out one of our favorite reviews by Natosha Miller, one of Amazon’s Top 1000 Reviewers. Also, see the link to her site in the sidebar. It’s called “Test Try Results”.

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New Review of Amazon’s Bestselling Cellulite Cream | Cel-Lab Slim

New Review of Amazon’s Bestselling Cellulite Cream by Laurel

5.0 out of 5 stars Once again my skin looks smooth, and the appearance of cellulite is less noticeable., February 9, 2015

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