Body Weight Exercise Routine

These exercises can be done anywhere and are really useful to get a workout in that burns fat. If you have access to a gym your possibilities expand, but if you don’t, you can do a great workout in your living room.

Chair dips, push ups, sit ups, x-squats, arm circles, the plank, jump rope (with no rope), jumping jacks, the locomotive, the skiier, spiderman, superman, boat.

That’s a pretty good list that you can do everyday. Go through the list three times. You have 13 exercises, that take 30-60 seconds each. You will be done in 20-30 minutes and will have a good sweat going. Remember to stretch afterwards.

See this video if you’re a beginner:

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There’s no other workout quite like rowing for burning fat and shredding cellulite

Rowing has the advantage of being a full body workout. You’re using your legs, your gluts, your lower and upper back, your neck, your shoulders, your arms. It’s like the dead-lift done with emphasis on stamina. What a workout!


Rowing is an amazing full body workout
Rowing is an amazing full body workout


The key thing to rowing is to get into a fluid cycle of movements. There isn’t too much wrong form v. right form like a lot of sites claim. If your body is comfortable, you’re doing it correctly for you. A few things to keep in mind is to have a sequence going. Push with your legs, then pull with your hands, then use your back a little bit and bring your hands to the top of your belly. Let the back and hands go back first, then crunch back in with your legs. By doing it this way, you will get your own knees out of the way of your hands which will keep the whole operation nice and fluid. Start with very little resistance and try to build speed. The point is to go smooth and fast and work up a heavy sweat and keep that heart rate up.

When you’re finished with your workout, do another five minutes really slow–using the machine to stretch your muscles out, not to continue to workout. Then get on a mat and dedicate 10 minutes to stretching your body out.


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Stretching | Take advantage of your accelerated heartbeat by stretching

Doesn’t everyone want to burn fat while sitting around?

I’m going to be forty years old this October and now when I work out hard I pay for it two days later in extreme stiffness. Sometimes I tweak muscles. I’ve always pulled muscles easily. In the past I like creatine but have discontinued its use because it certainly makes my body more likely to pull a muscle. The same goes for most workout enhancers like NO Explode and that type of product. They

Stretch after short, intense workouts and let your body recover while burning fat
Stretch after short, intense workouts and let your body recover while burning fat

work wonders, especially in conjunction with slimming creams, but the risk of injury with those energy drinks increases. As I get older that’s no longer a risk I am willing to take. Instead, I’m a big fan of intense short workouts that I can repeat often followed by stretching. I find the stretching to be the real bonus because you can burn fat and cellulite while protecting yourself. That’s killing to big birds right there. In fact, that’s hitting the trifecta: cellulite, fat, and protection. I try to really stretch to make sure I minimize the impending tendinitis. Check out some of the exercises that are great.

Elliptical Machine – 30 Min (5 min cool down after) and 10 minutes of stretching.

Spin – 30 Min (5 min cool down after) and 10 minutes of stretching.

Rowing Machine – 30 Min (5 min cool down after) and 10 minutes of stretching.

While I’m stretching I’m sweating like crazy and this is when my body is really in a great zone. I’m warm and able to stretch deeply and push my limits, while I’m burning fat, and preserving my body so that I’ll be able to workout again in a day or two and keep the cycle going.

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Cel-Lab Uses All-Natural Ingredients

Question: Are the ingredients all natural?

Answer: People are becoming much more aware of what they put in and on their bodies, so Cel-Lab’s main ingredients are water, Neroli extract, and cafeisilane C. The disadvantage with Cel-Lab cream is that if you think it will simply and magically melt away fat you will be disappointed. However, if you have good habits and want a booster that firms up skin and smooths it out then you’ll be quite pleased. I think some of our customers have unrealistic goals for it. Personally, I think Neroli is an incredible ingredient and if I’m doing moderate exercise and using the cream I get great results. If I eat a pizza, though, the cream is no match.

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New Review of Amazon’s Bestselling Cellulite Cream | Cel-Lab Slim

New Review of Amazon’s Bestselling Cellulite Cream by Laurel

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Slimming For Valentine’s Day

Some days of the year you just have to relax and enjoy yourself. I’d consider Valentine’s Day a cheat day. Still, try not to overeat. Enjoy some wine, some chocolates, an incredible dinner but leave it at that. Don’t overdo it because then you’ll wake up and feel guilty.

Up until Valentine’s Day take advantage of the magic of Cel-Lab Cellulite Cream. Continue moderate, regular exercise and an intelligent diet in conjunction with this wonderful cream.