There’s no other workout quite like rowing for burning fat and shredding cellulite

Rowing has the advantage of being a full body workout. You’re using your legs, your gluts, your lower and upper back, your neck, your shoulders, your arms. It’s like the dead-lift done with emphasis on stamina. What a workout!


Rowing is an amazing full body workout
Rowing is an amazing full body workout


The key thing to rowing is to get into a fluid cycle of movements. There isn’t too much wrong form v. right form like a lot of sites claim. If your body is comfortable, you’re doing it correctly for you. A few things to keep in mind is to have a sequence going. Push with your legs, then pull with your hands, then use your back a little bit and bring your hands to the top of your belly. Let the back and hands go back first, then crunch back in with your legs. By doing it this way, you will get your own knees out of the way of your hands which will keep the whole operation nice and fluid. Start with very little resistance and try to build speed. The point is to go smooth and fast and work up a heavy sweat and keep that heart rate up.

When you’re finished with your workout, do another five minutes really slow–using the machine to stretch your muscles out, not to continue to workout. Then get on a mat and dedicate 10 minutes to stretching your body out.


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